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Sports Tipping 2024

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What is it?

  • Every week for 15 weeks, players are presented with 8 different games across a variety of sports.

  • Each game will be played from Friday 7:00 pm and resulted by midnight Sunday.

  • Most games will require the player to pick the winner, but some may require a yes or no answer or something else


Super Rugby - Hurricanes vs Blues - pick the winner.

Basketball – Tall blacks to beat Jordan by 20 points or more (yes or no answer)

Supercars – Ford to Beat Holden - Select who you think will beat who

How to play:

  • Every Monday, that week’s “Sports Tips” are published. They can be found on the website, and in printed form at the club.

  • Players can either submit their picks online or use the form in the Club.

  • If you are currently not registered on the website, it is quick and easy to sign up and by signing up, it means you never need to miss a week. (the form showing is for week 15 of the last competition)

  • All picks must be submitted by 7:00 pm that Friday.

  • You pick up one point for each game you get correct and an additional 2 points if you get all 8 correct.

How to win

  • The top three at half-time and full-time all get cash prizes.

  • All prizes are presented at the prize giving

  • Players (from the highest scoring down to the lowest) get to pick a prize off the table from a selection of Club vouchers and products.

  • All players who attend the prize giving are in the draw to win the major prize which can be an experience, a getaway, or something else equally fantastic.

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