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Johnsonville Club Grants

Net Proceed Committee Report

The Johnsonville club’s four members of the Net Proceed Committee (NPC) have oversight of the expenditure of the gaming machine money for Authorised Purpose (AP). While most of the AP money goes towards the running of the club, each year a portion is set aside for supporting the Club Adjuncts along with assisting the local community and deserving causes.


Last year (2023) the NPC approved grants totaling $9,526 to support our Club Adjuncts and a further $9,316 of grants towards local community and deserving causes. Details of specific grants are listed in Note 13 and 14 of the Financial Statements Section.


We continue to lift our profile in the community and our contributions have not only assisted sporting and local community groups but have helped make a difference in people’s lives.


The NPC comprises the Club President, two Vice Presidents and a Board Member. On behalf of myself and the club members I would like to thank and acknowledge Johnathan Walton, Sue Smart and Ian Hutchison for their contribution and commitment to undertaking this important responsibility. Also, the NPC would like to thank and acknowledge our former Club Manager Trina Gilmer and our Club Manager Barry Morrison for making certain the Club comply with the ever-changing gambling rules and allocation of money under the DIA approved AP. The NPC completed their duties with a high level of confidence and assurance the Clubs grants are in line with the intent of the legislation.  We will continue to review and modify our process and procedures to comply with the next round of changes to the legislation.


Steve Macaulay


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All grant applications must be received by the Secretary by the second Monday of the month.
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