Club Sections and Interest Groups



The Johnsonville Club has a very strong Outdoor Bowls team and regularly represents the Club at ClubsNZ events..




Dance Section


The Sequence Dance adjunct meets on a Thursday from 7pm to 10pm in the upstairs function room. A few additional dances are scheduled throughout the year.



Casual play is available any time during the week. 


Golf Section


The Golf adjunct is one of the most active in the club with monthly outings throughout the greater Wellington Area, Kapiti and Wairarapa. There's the added opportunity to participate in various Chartered Club events across NZ as well.



Indoor Bowls


Casual indoor bowl play is available at most times, just talk to the duty manager if you would like to enjoy a bit of a roll up



The Texas Holdem Poker players meet every Wednesday night at 7:30pm to play this popular game.


Tuition is available prior to the start of the evening. Register by 7.15pm.




The club has two Pool tables and encourages casual play all days of the week.  



Snooker Section


The Club has three Snooker tables and hold a regular in-house competition on the first Wednesday of every month.


All members, guests and visitors are welcome. The snooker room is reserved for the Club Competition on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 6.30pm.


Table Tennis



Our Table Tennis Group plays on occasional Tuesdays. New players welcome. Please contact the bar Duty Manager if you would like to arrange a game.