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The Johnsonville Club has a very strong Outdoor Bowls team and, are in fact, the host for the 2013 North Island Women's Championship.




The Sequence Dance adjunct meets on a Thursday bet=ween 7 - 10pm in the upstairs function room. We have a few additionl dances throughout the year.

Casual play is available anytime during the week and for the more serious participants, the adjunct joins in the Capital Area Chartered Clubs Darts Association competitions

The Golf adjunct is one of the most active in the club with monthly outings throughout the greater Wellington Area, Kapati and Wairarapa. There's the added opportunity to participate in various Chartered Club events across NZ as well.

 The Bowlers meet on Friday night around 5:30pm for an evening of fun.  

Long rides in September and January Short rides as required

Contact: Adrian Douglas Email:




 The Texas Holdem Poker players meet every Wednesday night at 7:30pm to play this popular game.

Tuition is available prior to the start of the evening.

 The club has two Pool tables and encourages casual play all days of the week.  

The adjunct plays three home and away interclub competitions during the year.  These involve the Johnsonville RSA, The Pukerua Bay RSA and the Porirua Club.

The Club has three Snooker tables and hold a regular competition on the first Thursday of every month.  From April on, for a period of six months, the Snooker adjunct competes in the home and away "Monday League" competition with other clubs in the Wellington region.

Tuesday is Table Tennis night and the players meet in the upstairs lounge at 5pm for singles and doubles games.

There are two tables and coaching available.

New players are always welcome.